Ask a Woman on a Date

At this age, you need to say no to ‘group hang’. Instead, consider asking a girl on a date. And when you do this, you need a plan. But, most importantly, you should know what to tell a lady so that she can agree to go on a date with you. Also know what to say and what not to say during a date. Additionally, know how to choose the right venue for a date.

How to Enjoy Old People’s Company

Hanging out with old people comes with fun. But most importantly, old people will give you crucial life advice. These people have seen it all and tried many things. They will give you advice on many things including fashion and investment.


You need to know how to iron your clothes, especially dress shirts. That’s because it’s impossible to look amazing if you are wrinkly dressed. Therefore, learn how to iron your clothes to show up looking sharp and make a great impression.


At this age, you should start gifting women. And, women appreciate men that show up for their special occasions with gifts. But, you must choose your gifts wisely to achieve the desired results. Therefore, learn how to choose gifts for girlfriend and you won’t have trouble impressing women.

Basically, life is a learning process. Nevertheless, make sure that you have learnt these things by the time you hit 21.

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